Kick the Christmas Season Off With The Night Before Christmas

It’s mid October so you know what that means, Christmas is almost here! Okay, I know I’m a little early but all the stores already have tree displays set up so I can’t help but get excited. Last Christmas, Moo was only a month old so even though we did the tree and the family thing we didn’t enjoy it as much as I anticipate we will this year. To get us in the mood we’ve recently read a book that I want to share with you guys. I received the book in exchange for my honest review.

The Night Before Christmas by Rose Collins
The Night Before Christmas by Rose Collins

It was the night before Christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring,

Not even a … BEAR ?

A retelling of the Christmas classic by Clement Clark Moore, The Night Before Christmas is similar to the traditional version but features animals as the characters making it great for littles. In this picture book, Santa Claus visits a family of bears and they delight in the spirit of the season. The story is told as a rhythmic poem which worked to keep my daughter engaged and made it fun to read as the parent. Continue reading

The Word of the Day is Matcha!

Matcha is love!

Hi, my name is Amethyst and I have a matcha problem. I worked at a restaurant in Williamsburg, Brooklyn that experimented with matcha cocktails. That was my introduction to the lovely, super nutritious green powder. Once I had it it became an obsession.

Matcha is super healthy for you. There are tons of benefits.
High in Antioxidants :

Matcha powder is even higher in antioxidants than brewed green tea. Because it’s made with the entire tea leaf, you get all the benefits! Matcha powder has a high concentration of a specific type of antioxidant called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCg). Researchers have found this antioxidant has cancer fighting properties.

Increases Energy Without the Jitters :

Matcha is known to induce calmness for many people. It has an amino acid, L-Theanine, that promotes alpha wave production in the brain which relaxes you but still keeps you focused. Monks have drank it for centuries to help them meditate.

Supports a Healthy Diet:

Matcha green tea helps the body burn calories four times faster. The best part is you can have this benefit without any side effects, unlike mainstream dieting pills. It’ll increase your metabolism but not your heart rate. Continue reading

10 Halloween Books Your Kids Will Love!

Halloween season is here and that means Halloween books are in full swing! Moo and I love reading these fun and not-too-scary stories before bed (and all day long). If you’re in the mood for monsters, ghost stories and all-around Halloween fun, then check out my list of the best Halloween books below.

There are affiliate links in this post that help me run the site at no extra cost to you. My opinions are 100% my own and I don’t promote anything I don’t believe in.

P.S. You can read all of these books on Epic!, my new favorite app! You can access more than 15,000 popular kids’ books (and audiobooks, read-to-me books and more!) from any device — for just $4.99/month. Plus, you get your first 30 days 100% FREE! Try it now here: Get 1 month free of Epic!

10 Halloween Books Your Kids Will Love

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50 Ways to Show Yourself Some Love

It’s so easy getting caught up in all the to-dos of the day that a little self love can seems impossible to squeeze in. Here’s some simple ways you can show yourself some love and de-stress throughout the day.

You are beautiful!

  1. Smile at yourself in the mirror! You are beautiful, lady!
  2. While you’re at the mirror, run your fingers through your hair and take a few seconds to rub your scalp. Release some of that tension.
  3. Put on your favorite lip gloss or lipstick, even if you don’t plan on leaving the house.
  4. Eat sitting down. Such a small thing can make a huge difference. 
  5. Soak your feet for a few minutes.
  6. Exercise.
  7. Make a face mask to wake up and refresh your face. 
  8. Paint your nails.
  9. Do a stretch to relieve neck and shoulder tension.
  10. Close your eyes and just breathe. Exhale your worries for a minute or two. 
  11. Read a chapter of your favorite book.
  12. Kiss someone you love.
  13. Open your windows and enjoy the air and view for a moment. 
  14. Watch an episode of your favorite guilty pleasure show. 
  15. Allow yourself as much time as you can spare to play the latest phone game craze. Temple Run, anyone?
  16. Go for a walk and breathe in the fresh air.
  17. Plant a flower in your backyard. Live in an apartment? Here’s some ideas for small space planters.
  18. Write a list of things you’re grateful for today.
  19. Knit yourself a scarf. Finger knitting is amazing and super easy! 
  20. Declutter your phone apps; Declutter your mind.
  21. Set an auto responder on your email and ignore it until tomorrow.
  22. Sit outside with a cup of coffee.
  23. Watch a movie that empowers you. I’m partial to Mulan. 🙂
  24. Draw something that inspires you.
  25. Finish that craft project  you put down months ago.
  26. Go to the movies alone and get a huge popcorn just for you.
  27. Rearrange your furniture that way you’ve always wanted to try.
  28. Make your favorite meal.
  29. Find inspiration for your next favorite meal on Instagram. Who doesn’t love #foodporn?
  30. Read the magazine you’ve been meaning to finish all month.
  31. Clip inspiration from that magazine and create an inspiration board/wall/swipe folder. 
  32. Log in your bullet journal.
  33. Take a nap.
  34. Color! It’s therapeutic.
  35. Pet your fur baby and tell them about your day. (Yes, I’m serious!)
  36. Get a massage or go to a spa.
  37. Clean up the house. I always feel tons better when my living space is organized.
  38. Give yourself permission to sit and do nothing.
  39. Take a selfie and smile, with teeth!
  40. Hug your children.
  41. Take an extra long shower or soak in the tub (with bubbles and wine if you’d like).
  42. Speaking of wine, have a glass of wine.
  43. Meal plan for the week to save yourself from those, “OMG! What are we going to eat?” moments.
  44. Call a girl friend and chat for a few minutes.
  45. Walk around your favorite store.
  46. Go for a drive and belt out your best Whitney, Mariah, or whoever makes you feel like a superstar.
  47. Get lost in a museum.
  48. Listen to your favorite song and have an impromptu dance party in your living room.
  49. Have a zen afternoon at the library where quiet is not optional.
  50. Just sit down! Even for a second! It helps, I promise.

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Succulent Party Favors: Bringing Life to Your Party

Succulent Party Favors

Moo’s first birthday party is fast approaching and I’ve been driving myself crazy sorting out the details. After weeks of scouring Etsy I finally settled on a boho/tribal chic theme with lots of gold, mint (isn’t this color everywhere this year?) and light pink.

Once the theme and decorations were picked out my mind wandered to party favors. I really wanted to do something different. Dreamcatchers became an option but they are so expensive to buy and super time consuming to make when you need 30+ so that idea was out.

Then while browsing on Pintrest I came across succulents. These super low maintenance plants are beautiful and hard to kill. This became it! There aren’t many resources on succulent party favors for some reason, which is a shock because they make a great gift. Succulents require minimal watering and they eventually grow into lovely flowers. 

Here’s how I set up Moo’s succulent party favors. Continue reading

Join Pear and Nabisco to Raise Money for Your Child’s Soccer Team

Pear football

Pear is a site that connects groups in need with sponsors like Nabisco and CustomInk to raise money for things like new uniforms. There are so many worthy causes on Pear and it doesn’t cost a thing to support them. Just by doing simple things like answering a poll question or connecting with them on Facebook can help raise money for teams all across America.

Disclosure : This post contains affiliate links.

Right now Nabisco is offering a special sponsorship opportunity for youth soccer teams around the nation. They are offering a chance to earn up to $1000 for custom apparel for your entire team. This offer will only be available for a limited time and it’s only for groups of kids under 18. It takes just seconds to sign up. It’s as simple as posting a photo of your team, adding a little blurb about what you guys are about and sharing with your friends and community.

One amazing team looking for help from their sponsor is FC Golden State 05. They’re a group of young ladies from California who have come together to form a soccer team. It’s their dream to go to their state championship so Pear is giving them the opportunity to raise money for their tournament costs.
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Sleep and the New Mama

Sleepless nights are pretty much a given after having a baby. Even when they get a little older it’s easy to fall prey to insomnia as you sit up and worry about absolutely everything all night long. I hope my baby doesn’t have a bad reaction to their shots tomorrow. It’s going to be such a pain to go to see my in-laws this weekend. How can I get that poop stain out of my favorite work shirt? It’s nonstop. Sleepless nights and the stress of a new baby can cause all kinds of problems for your health.

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Affirmations for New Moms

Mothering isn’t easy. It’s actually feels completely impossible sometimes. We’ve all had those days where the baby is extra fussy and you’re extra tired. You feel at your wits end trying to keep it together. I’ve been there too.

The negative thoughts start to come in and you begin questioning everything. Am I a good mom? Will I make it through the day? Do my kids love me? Once the vicious cycle of negative self talk takes hold it can be hard to pull yourself out of it. You’re esteem and mood goes down. Everything gets harder to handle.

The same way negative self talk depresses you, positive self talk can boost your mood and your confidence. For those moments where you aren’t feeling your best here are some affirmations to remind you that no matter what you are truly a wonderful mom. Continue reading

VTech Light-Up Baby Touch Tablet Toy Review

Tablets are huge for kids. It seems like since Sunshine was born she’s been interested in every screen she can find and it didn’t take long for her to notice my personal tablet. I spent a ton of time researching various baby tablets and came up so empty. There are many for toddlers and bigger kids but few for babies under 2 years. I had almost given up my search for the perfect baby tablet when walking through a department store I saw an adorable little girl, maybe a year old, with a little pink tablet. She dropped it on the floor with a slam and nothing bad happened. Her mom picked it up and gave it back to her as it sang as if it hadn’t been dropped at all. I asked her mother what it was and she said the VTech Baby Tablet. We got it immediately.

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Bluum is the Ultimate One Stop Shop

Disclosure : There are affiliate links in this post that help me to keep the site running at no extra cost to you. All opinions are 100% my own and I never promote products I don’t stand behind.
Click here to starting bluuming today!
I love Bluum! Apart from their adorable name, I love their idea. Bluum caters to mothers and babies at every level of their growth by offering a monthly box of goodies curated just for you. From pregnancy through preschool, they have just what you need and their experts are the best at choosing the appropriate toys for your baby’s age and stage of development.


What’s in the Box

Only the highest rated toys, chosen by Bluum experts will make the cut. Some of their brands include Melissa and Doug and Hape. Other wonders you can expect are age appropriate books to spark that passion for reading in your little ones. Baby gear and utensils will be included some months, as appropriate. As well as baby essentials, so you can discover new healthful products to use on your baby’s delicate skin. Bluum makes life a little easier with these collections so you can have some piece of mind knowing that you’re baby has everything they need at just right the time.

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