5 Toys My 5 Month Old Loves

My baby will soon be turning 5 months old and it’s so exciting! She grabs for toys and shows interest in everything around her. Everyday I see her become more comfortable in her world and I couldn’t be prouder. This is also an incredibly fun time because now I can toy shop. I’ve gotten a feel for what she likes already and I’d like to share with you my 5 month old’s top 5 toys.

Crinkly Books

Her little fingers can easily manipulate the pages and they’re pliable so she likes to bite them to relieve her teething pain. These books also usually come with rings attached so you can hang them on an activity gym, stroller bar, off of a mobile, really, the possibilities are endless. I recommend Baby Einstein Shapes And Numbers Discovery Cards. The colors are bright and it explores the alphabet, beginner words and colors. The words are listed in English, Spanish and French which I found great if you live in a bilingual home.


VTech Click & Count Remote


Vtech Click & Count Remote

Here’s a biggie in our house. The Vtech Click & Count Remote has saved my sanity on countless occasions. It comes in two colors and sings 45 songs, many of which incorporate numbers and pretend. There are 3 areas where it lights up and the volume can be adjusted to two levels. If your little one is like mine, they are fascinated by the TV remote. This toy makes her feel like she has her own. I especially like that the sides are curved in so it’s easier for little hands to grab it.


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Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy


Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes

For the baby in your life who loves music, this kiddie iPod is sure to be a hit. The handle on the side makes it super easy for a baby just learning to grab and it lights up in different colors as the music plays. There are 7 classical songs and two adjustable volume levels. The day I bought it my little one was having a meltdown at the register and as soon as I paid for and opened it, she calmed down immediately. I always leave take this with us when we go out for moments like that.


Sassy Farm Portable Mobile


Sassy Farm Portable Mobile

The Sassy Farm Portable Mobile is a favorite of mine. The claw is completely adjustable so you can hook this mobile up to anything you can think of. We’ve had ours for a few months and I’ve watched her grow with it. We have a permanent spot for it above her high chair. In the beginning she would just stare at the colors and gradually she got into the habit of pulling the pieces. Now she puts them in her mouth, pulls and stares at her reflection.


Oball Rainstick Rattle


The OBall

We have the OBall Rainstick Rattle and I highly recommend it. Even though it’s bigger than other OBall varieties it’s just as light. The soft pliable plastic makes it ideal if you have a baby who likes to pinch and rip, like mine, and the noises are loud enough to keep baby’s attention. It works on fine motor skills and develops the idea of cause and effect. Right now my little one will sit and play with it but I’m looking forward to watching her chase after it when she starts to crawl. Who doesn’t love a toy that grows with your baby?


Five months is such a fun time to be a mama. It’s nice to be able to sit down and play with my baby now that toys interest her. What kinds of toys did your give month old love? What toys are the biggest hit in your home?




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