60 Baby Names to Take You Back to the 80’s – #FridayFrivolity

Baby name inspiration can come from anywhere. Our theme this Friday Frivolity is 80’s music so I’m bringing you the ultimate list of baby names inspired by the 80’s.

1. Anita

The name Anita means full of grace in sanskrit. Baker released her first solo album in 1983.

2. Annie

Annie is an English name that means grace. Annie Lennox was the singer in Eurythmics.

3. Aretha

The name Aretha the is Greek for beauty. Aretha Franklin is best known for her girl power anthem,“Respect.”

4. Axl

The variation Axel is German for father of peace. Axl Rose was the controversial singer of Guns n Roses.

5. Barbra

Barbara is Latin for foreign woman. Barbra Streisand won the Grammy for Best Pop Vocal Female Performance in 1986 for The Broadway Album.

6. Barry

Barry is a Gaelic name that means spear. Barry Manilow had over twenty singles throughout the 80’s.

7. Belinda

Belinda is a variation of the Italian bella for beautiful. Belinda Carlisle is best known for her song, Heaven is a Place on Earth.

8. Bette

The name Bette is a French variation of the Hebrew Elizabeth meaning my God is plentiful. Bette Midler released her album No Frills in 1983.

9. Billy

Billy is short for the British William. In the midnight hour we cried “more, more more” for Billy Idol.

10. Bobby

The name Bobby means bright star in German. Bobby Brown was a part of New Edition and had a solo career with hits including My Prerogative.

11. Bonnie

Bonnie is a Scottish name that means cheerful. Bonnie Tyler released four albums throughout the 80’s.

12. Bryan

Bryan is Old Celtic for high or noble. Bryan Adams is best known for hit song Summer of ‘69.

13. Bruce

Bruce is an English name meaning thick brush. Bruce Springsteen released his mega-hit Born in the USA in 1984.

14. Carlos

Carlos is a Spanish name meaning manly. Carlos Santana won his first Grammy for Best Rock Instrumental Performance with Blues for Salvador.

15. Carly

The name Carly is Gaelic for small champion. Carly Simon released five albums throughout the 80’s.

16. Christopher

Christopher is a Greek name meaning bearer of Christ. Christopher Cross won five Grammy’s for Sailing in 1980.

17. Cliff

Cliff is an English name short for Clifford. Cliff Richard is a British pop star who released six albums across the 80’s.

18. Corey

Corey is a Gaelic name that means ravine.Corey Hart is a Canadian singer best known for the edgy, Sunglasses at Night.

19. Cyndi

Cyndi is the English abbreviation of Cynthia. In the 80’s Cyndi Lauper knew that girls just wanna have fun.

20. Danny

Danny is short for the Hebrew Daniel and means God has judged. Danny Wood was part of New Kids on the Block.

21. Daryl

Daryl is a French name that means open. Daryl Hall was half of Hall and Oats and a mega hit maker with over a dozen singles in the 80’s.

22. David

David is a Hebrew name meaning beloved. David Bowie gave us glamorous hair and four albums in the 80’s.

23. Debbie

Debbie Harry was the lead singer of Blondie and best known for her song Rapture.

24. Dionne

Dionne is a variation in Dione who was wife to Zeus and mother to Aphrodite. Dionne Warwick released 22 singles throughout the 80’s.

25. Dolly

The name Dolly is English and means gift from God. Dolly Parton released 7 albums throughout the 80’s and was awarded her Hollywood Walk of Fame star in 1984.

26. Donna

Donna is an Italian name that means lady. Donna Summer won 3 Grammy’s throughout the 80’s.

27. Donnie

Donnie is an English name short for Donald. Donnie Wahlberg was in New Kids on the Block.

28. Eddie

Eddie is an English name that means rich in friendship. Eddie van Halen was the lead singer and founder of Van Halen.

29. Elton

Elton is an English name that means from an old town. Elton John released an album every year of the 80’s except 1987.

30. Enya

This name means kernel of a nut or seed. Enya released her debut album on 1987.

31. Eric

Eric is a Norse name meaning eternal ruler. Eric Clapton dropped the hit Forever Man and five albums in the 80’s.

32. Freddie

Freddie is a German name meaning peaceful ruler. Freddie Mercury released two solo albums on the 80’s, Mr. Bad Guy and Barcelona.

33. George

George is a Greek name that means farmer. George Michael found success with Wham and as a solo artist.

34. Gloria

The name Gloria means glory. Gloria Estefan was the lead singer of Miami Sound Machine and found solo success with hits like Conga.

35. Janet

The name Janet is the English variation for John. Janet Jackson released 4 hit albums in the 80’s.

36. Joan

Joan is an English name meaning God is gracious. Joan Jett was popular for her songs, I Love Rock n Roll and Bad Reputation.

37. Jody

Jody is an English name that means God will increase. Jody Westley found fame with hits like Looking For a New Love.

38. Kenny

Lenny is an Irish name that means handsome. Kenny Rogers is known for songs including The Gambler and The Coward of the County.

39. Linda

Linda is a name meaning pretty. Linda Ronstandt won four Grammy’s in the 80’s.

40. Lionel

Lionel is a name meaning little lion. Lionel Richie was popular for songs like Hello and All Night Long.

41. Lisa

Lisa is a a Hebrew name meaning God is satisfaction. Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam had hits I Wonder If I Take You Home and All Cried Out.

42. Luther

Luther is a German name meaning famous people. Luther Vandross released his debut solo Never Too Much album in 1981.

43. Michael

Michael is a Hebrew name mean in who is like God. Michael Jackson had one of the longest running number one hits with Thriller.

44. Natalie

Natalie is a Latin name meaning Christmas day. Natalie Cole released six albums in the 80’s.

45. Olivia

Olivia is a name meaning olive tree. Olivia Newton John had a huge hit with the song Physical.

46. Paul

Paul is a Latin name meaning small or humble. Paul McCartney released seven solo albums in the 80’s.

47. Paula

Paula is the female variation of Paul. Paula Abdul had six singles in 1988 with album Forever Your Girl.

48. Peter

Peter is a Greek name meaning stone. Peter Gabriel found much success with Sledgehammer in 1987 and it’s still the most played music video in MTV history.

49. Prince

Prince is a name that means first or principal. Prince is most popular for his album and movie Purple Rain.

50. Rick

Rick is a variation of Richard.Rick Springfield found success with seven albums throughout the 80’s.

51. Robert

Robert is a German name that means brifht or shining. Robert Plant was the lead singer of Led Zeppelin.

52. Rod

Rod is an English name that means island of reeds. Rod Stewart released six albums throughout the 80’s.

53. Sade

Sade is a Nigerian name meaning honor besties a crown. Sade won Best New Artist at the Grammy’s in 1986.

54. Samantha

Samantha is an Aramaic name that means listener. Samantha Fox found fame with her hit Touch Myself.

55. Shannon

Shannon is an Irish name that means little worse one. Shannon had a popular hit with Let the Music Play.

56. Stevie

Stevie is a Greek name that neans crown. Stevie Nicks had four solo albums and two albums with Fleetwood Mac throughout the 80’s.

57. Susanna

Susanna is a variation of Soshannah which means lily. Susanna Hoffs is the lead singer of The Bangles.

58. Tiffany

Tiffany is a Latin name meaning manifestation of God. Pop singer Tiffany found fame with I Think We’re Alone Now.

59. Tina

Tina is a Latin name meaning follower of Christ. Tina Turner released three albums over the 80’s including Private Dancer.

60. Whitney

Whitney comes from a surname meaning white island. Whitney Houston released her debut album in 1985.

Which one was your favorite?

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  1. Donna Parker says:

    You had at 80s music! You actually at me at #FridayFrivolity but I really love 80s music so….Another rockin’ party! I’ll be back (see what I did there, the 80s rule!). Thanks so much for the gnarly party, for sure.
    As for baby names, it was one of the hardest choices I ever had to make.
    Hope this weekend treats you all kindly.

  2. Audrey says:

    I love this take one the theme! I knew who you meant by every one before reading your descriptions. When I was a teacher in the 90’s we had 3 girls named Tiffany. It was a rather rare name before that and is back to being rare again.

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