Welcome to One Sage Mama! 

You’re probably wondering  what a “Sage Mama” is.

You might be a Sage Mama if you:

  • Know the stuff they say about  sleeping when your baby sleeps isn’t just a saying; it’s your life’s motto.
  • Figured out the key to keeping baby occupied while you inhale a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Or anything really that takes less than 5 minutes to make because who has time to eat with a baby.
  • Respectfully listen to whatever crazy advice people tell you (sure, please tell me how my one month old needs rice cereal) but at the end of the day you do whatever is best for your child.

That’s really what being a Sage Mama is about, having the wisdom to sort through all the advice and parenting strategies, and decide what works best for your family.

Mama and Moo

I’m Amethyst. As a first time, millennial mom I spend endless hours researching baby toys, looking up things like teething relief and wishing for other moms to connect with.

Originally a New York City girl, I’m getting my grip on our new life in the suburbs. I’m a stay at home mom to my Moo who’s one of the sweetest babies you’ll ever meet.  This adventure is as much about her as it is about me.

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