Boobie Beads Help Breastfeeding Moms

Breastfeeding is an absolute joy for me. I love the bond that I have with my daughter and I am proud that I’m giving her just what she needs to be healthy. As I approach year two of breastfeeding, I’ve noticed new breastfeeding struggles than what I was faced with in the early days. Toddlers just don’t sit still. They’re fidgety little things that need their hands occupied with something at all times. That’s why I was so pleased to try Boobie Beads, a teething necklace with double duty that keeps my daughter focused while nursing. I was given a necklace to try in exchange for sharing how I liked it.

Boobie Beads

About boobie beads

Bobbie Beads was created in 2015 by a mom of three struggling to occupy her daughter while breastfeeding. Her daughter used to pull her hair while nursing so she decided to find a solution and thus Boobie Beads were born. Her passion to help other moms has pushed her to continue to make high quality nursing and teething necklaces. The beads are all safe for chewing and contain no toxins because as a mom she understands the importance of keeping babies safe.

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Style and functionality

There are a ton of styles available in her shop! Some necklaces feature beads all the way around. Some have beads with all the same shape and others have varying shapes and sizes. The color options vary as well. There’s something for everyone and every piece can be customized.

Boobie Beads

One thing I was super happy to see when I opened my Boobie Beads package was that it came on a black cord. I’ve never seen black cords used for teething necklaces but I love the drama it demands. It is a definite statement piece.

The colors are very vibrant. I love how the beads are all different shapes and colors. It coordinates with so many outfits because of that.

The necklaces aren’t just functional for breastfeeding moms. If you have a teething baby the necklace can help soothe their gums as they cut teeth.

New mom sets

I had to make a special mention of the New Mum Sets available at Boobie Beads. They’re such a smart idea as a push present or baby shower gift for new moms in your life. Each set brings a teething/breastfeeding necklace, teething bangle, a “Mum” keyring and other breastfeeding goodies. I would’ve loved to receive something like this when I gave birth. It’s incredibly thoughtful.


Boobie Beads

Connect with boobie beads

Find out more about Boobie Beads by checking out the website here. You can also connect with Boobie Beads on their social media pages below.

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One thought on “Boobie Beads Help Breastfeeding Moms

  1. Shannon says:

    I love necklaces like these! I made what I call a “breastfeeding necklace” a couple of years ago. I just used large wooden beads, scrap fabric, etc. It served the same purpose and was so helpful!

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