10 Books My Toddler Loves #FridayFrivolity

In honor of World Book Day and Dr. Seuss, this Friday Frivolity we’re talking books, books and more books. I love to read. At 25 I still own every book that’s ever been given to me. I’m talking hand me down baby books from when my mom was a kid that I can now share with my daughter. We have a lot of books at our house. You could understand my overwhelming pride and happiness when my little one started to love books. We’re now at the point that reaching “the end” causes actual tears in my 15 month old. She hates when the books are over.

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BabySmile Nasal Aspirator Review and Giveaway

It’s that time of year again where everyone is sick. Cold and flu are going around and our littles are especially prone to picking up bugs. One of the only ways to help babies through a cold is with nasal aspiration. They don’t know how to blow their noses yet so we have to help.

Nasal health is so important to maintain for your babies. Not only does it keep them more comfortable to have less mucus while fighting colds and infections but it can actually help prevent infections as well. Having clear passages makes it easier for babies to eat and drink. It makes sleep easier as well, which is a plus for moms and babies.

Moms benefit too by having a less fussy baby, getting more sleep and avoiding troubling doctors visits. It’s an all around positive to keep baby’s passages clear. Continue reading

How Buying in Bulk Helps Me Save Time and Money

There are never enough hours in the day when you’re a parent. I used to think I was busy before having my daughter. Back then I worked full time and still managed to find time to go shopping and hang out with friends. Now I’m lucky if I can run to the store before they close to buy diapers. That’s why I was super excited about and had to share with you the Huggies® Little Movers 2 month supply at Sam’s Club.

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The Ultimate List of Video Game Baby Boy Names

As many expecting moms know, choosing a name for your bundle of joy can be nerve-wracking. Video games can serve as inspiration for creative and unique baby boy names. Here’s the ultimate list of video game names for boys. You can find my list of girls names here.

Ultimate Video Game Baby Boy Names

1. Aden

Aden is a character from Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny. This name is Hebrew in origin and means “attractive” or “handsome.”

2. Alistair

Alistair is a Dragon age character who is secret royalty. In Scotland this name means “defender of mankind.” Continue reading

The Ultimate List of Video Game Baby Names for Girls

Choosing a name for your bundle of joy can seem impossible but sometimes the perfect name can be right under your nose. Books and movies have often served as inspiration for parents and here you’ll find video game baby names for your little girl on the way. If you’re interested in checking out the boy list, you can find it here.

Video game baby names

1. Adria

Adria is a witch from the first game in the Diablo series who sells potions and staves. This name is Latin and means from the Adriatic sea region.  Continue reading

VTech Light-Up Baby Touch Tablet Toy Review

Tablets are huge for kids. It seems like since Sunshine was born she’s been interested in every screen she can find and it didn’t take long for her to notice my personal tablet. I spent a ton of time researching various baby tablets and came up so empty. There are many for toddlers and bigger kids but few for babies under 2 years. I had almost given up my search for the perfect baby tablet when walking through a department store I saw an adorable little girl, maybe a year old, with a little pink tablet. She dropped it on the floor with a slam and nothing bad happened. Her mom picked it up and gave it back to her as it sang as if it hadn’t been dropped at all. I asked her mother what it was and she said the VTech Baby Tablet. We got it immediately.

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Teething Remedies: What Worked and What Didn’t

The Teething Struggle

Oh, teething! Every parent’s worst nightmare. In recent weeks it’s been our biggest struggle. My Moo started getting her teething early at around 3 months and the pains have come in waves since then. We can go a solid week straight with no issues but then the crankiness kicks in. She starts waking up during naps and she screams. She screams and screams and holds the side of her face. It’s really heartbreaking. Unfortunately, maybe because she did start on the early side, most of the advice I’ve read or been given hasn’t helped at all. Here’s three remedies that didn’t work and three that did.

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Gymboree’s New Line is Ready for Mother’s Day

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Gymboree has launched a new line of newborn gifts and it’s my new favorite thing. Featuring a wonderful collection of beanies, onesies and even burp clothes, Gymboree is seriously bringing the cuteness.


Giraffe Hoodie

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5 Toys My 5 Month Old Loves

My baby will soon be turning 5 months old and it’s so exciting! She grabs for toys and shows interest in everything around her. Everyday I see her become more comfortable in her world and I couldn’t be prouder. This is also an incredibly fun time because now I can toy shop. I’ve gotten a feel for what she likes already and I’d like to share with you my 5 month old’s top 5 toys.

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Fisher Price 3 in 1 Projection Soother Review

Somewhere along our sleep journey Sunshine got into the habit of sleeping only with the light on. The first year is just about surviving. Seasoned moms will quickly remind you not to worry about making bad habits and focus on staying as rested as possible. Well, having gone through the clingy newborn stage where she would only fall asleep on my chest, this lights business isn’t so big a deal. Still, I thought now was a good as time as ever to gingerly get her more comfortable in the dark. Thus came the Fisher Price 3 in 1 Projector.

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