Core Fitness Zone Resistance Band Set Review

Finding the time to exercise is a challenge for many people, myself included. I am not a fan of gyms and I never really worked out before. Pre-baby I was lucky enough not to worry about my weight but now sixteen months postpartum it seems time to start taking steps to live healthier. That’s what brought me to try the Core Fitness Zone Resistance Band Set. I am really pleased I did I received this product at a reduced price in exchange for my review but all opinions are my own.

The product

The Core Fitness Resistance Band Set includes 12 pieces. There are five bands of varying resistance strengths from 5 pounds up to 40. The total resistance of all the bands combined is 105 pounds. This set also includes the accessories necessary to use the bands effectively. There are ankle straps, handles and a door anchor. It all comes in a cute little carrying pouch. Upon ordering you are sent an e-book with 42 exercises and tips on keeping up a resistance band routine.

My impressions

These are very high quality bands. I’m not sure what I was expecting because of how affordable this set was but I was very pleased. We have tons of those resistance ribbons/tape laying around the house that never get used. They are hard on your hands because they dig in and are thick. These bands come with handles that make exercise easy. The ankle straps are adjustable too so multiple members of your family could use them. You could anchor the straps into your doorway and do even more types of band exercises. The bands can be stacked to increase the resistance strength making them a great option for beginners like me or professionals who are comfortable with a higher strength.

My favorite thing is that you can get a well rounded workout at home with these resistance bands. I have social anxiety so going to the gym is a huge no-no for me. These bands give me the opportunity to workout anywhere I feel comfortable. The carry bag would make it easy for me to take them on a trip and they take up very little space which is great for apartment living.

The only criticism I have is that there was no pamphlet or instruction booklet in the package. I didn’t realize until way after that I was e-mailed an e-book with workouts in it. There should at least be a note to check out the e-book in the physical packaging. It’s not super hard to Google or YouTube resistance band workouts but it was actually super helpful to use the exact e-book instructions for the particular bands I was using. I wish I knew about it earlier.

Get the bands

Find the Core Fitness Zone Resistance Band Set on Amazon.

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