Fisher Price 3 in 1 Projection Soother Review

Somewhere along our sleep journey Sunshine got into the habit of sleeping only with the light on. The first year is just about surviving. Seasoned moms will quickly remind you not to worry about making bad habits and focus on staying as rested as possible. Well, having gone through the clingy newborn stage where she would only fall asleep on my chest, this lights business isn’t so big a deal. Still, I thought now was a good as time as ever to gingerly get her more comfortable in the dark. Thus came the Fisher Price 3 in 1 Projector.



When you get the box they ask that you press the “try me” button before opening anything. Immediately after turning it on, I knew I made the right decision. The lights were adorable! They cycle through three colors: blue, white and yellow/orange stars. I read some reviewers on Amazon say the lights were too bright but they seemed just fine for our sized room. The lights only stay on for about 15 minutes anyway so they don’t seem invasive.


Set Up


Fisher-Price 3-in-1 Projector Soother


The actual projector itself comes inside it’s crib harness that’s designed to clip onto the side of your baby’s crib. Based on the way the clip is designed it seems like it can’t be used on a pack and play which is what I was hoping to use it for so that was slightly disappointing. The upside is that you can use the machine as a stand alone on a dresser once you remove it from the adapter. The projector does run on batteries and isn’t compatible with an AC adapter which makes it easy to travel with but means you may have issues when the batteries run out. I haven’t come across that problem yet and am not sure how long the batteries will last you but it’s something to consider.



There a few setting options for this machine. You can use the lights by themselves, the music by itself or a combination of both. There are also two volume levels. I like that there are so many options for this because my daughter usually likes to fall asleep to her white noise so this doesn’t interfere with that.


Does it work?

It’s only been a few days but I’ve had some success with the Fisher Price 3 in 1 Projector. Viv fell asleep with it one night after being absolutely mesmerized with the mirror. She’s recently gotten very interested in her reflection and this allowed her a nice view. She also looked up to the star patterns the projector made on her mobile and seemed entertained for a while.





  • Customizable light / music settings
  • Easy to move from room to room, or throw in a travel bag
  • Automatic shut off after 30 minutes means it won’t run your batteries all night



  • Doesn’t easily hook up to Pack n’ Play
  • No AC adaptor


Has your baby ever refused to sleep in the dark? Is there a soother you’ve gotten good results with? Let me know in the comments below. 




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