Monty the Maestro and His Marvellous Magical Orchestra Book Review

Music can be an indispensable way to boost your child’s creativity and brain power. Beyond getting music lessons, learning about different types of music and instruments can open up a child’s mind to the power of music. That’s just what a new book series, Monty the Maestro, aims to do. The author Gabrielle Amelia Ridgeon offered me a chance at reading the book in exchange for this review.

Monty the Maestro and the marvellous magical orchestra

Monty the Maestro and the Marvellous Magical Orchestra is the first in a series of musical storybooks. Monty is a repairer of instruments and musical toys. He struggles to make ends meet but maintains a positive attitude. One day he gets the surprise of a magical baton and a book called The Art of Repair. It sets him on a journey to find a troop of instruments for his orchestra.

Our thoughts

We love this book! Monty the Maestro and his Marvellous Magical Orchestra is so beautifully illustrated. Illustrator Katie Slater did an incredible job. Every page is super dynamic which makes it great for the littles. I personally love how there’s ton of books at Monty’s house. It serves as a wonderful example.

The story itself is in a rhyming scheme which was totally unexpected and so perfect. It makes it a great read for younger kids because they’ll enjoy the rhyming sounds. Older children will love it because the story is fun. The vocabulary is great and you could definitely use this series as a learning tool for new vocabulary words.

Monty the Maestro and the Marvellous Musical Orchestra is a wonderful introduction to classical music and different instruments for children. There’s an accompanying musical audiobook available at the website. Vanessa the Violin, Violet the Viola and Chip the Cello are the next few titles which are sure to be amazing.

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