10 Dioramas to Celebrate Museum Day #FridayFrivolity

Happy International Museum Day, everyone! Here ate Friday Frivolity we are celebrating museums. Every year on May 18 Museum Day has been held since 1977. Nearly 30,000 museums across the globe have participated. If you weren’t able to make it to a museum today I’m sharing 10 dioramas you can make at home to explore art and nature with your children.

1. Polar Habitat Diorama

FirstPalette’s Polar Habitat Diorama brings the Arctic and Antarctic animals like polar bears and seals to your living room. Continue reading

Apple Oatmeal Baby Cereal Pancakes #FridayFrivolity

Happy Eat What You Want Day, everyone. Today for Friday Frivolity we are celebrating food and I’m going to share with you a way to utilize baby cereal in a fun new way. If you are anything like me then you have tons of baby cereal laying around the house leftover from when your little ones were even littler. They get a couple teeth and start to refuse their cereal so you end up with a bunch of containers and no way to use them. Baby cereal pancakes are a great way to utilize those leftovers. Children who like to feed themselves can snack on these and still get all the healthy benefits from the cereal inside.

apple oatmeal baby cereal pancakes

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Starlight Baby Wants Your Little Star to Shine This Father’s Day

Starlight Baby is a fun brand of children’s products that works to make the complex job of parenting a little easier. Their multi faceted company provides safe and cost effective products such as pacifier clips along with a rich database of helpful articles on all topics parenting. There is even a forum section where you can connect with other parents and share support. I am so pleased to share Starlight Baby with you. Viviana was offered a chance to try two of their shirts in exchange for my honest opinions. We’ve also teamed up for a Father’s Day giveaway later in the post.

Starlight Baby offers a wide variety of children’s shirts and onesies through their shop. They are made of high quality 100% cotton. New designs are added regularly. Their pacifier clips have a double layered ribbon for durability and are CPSIA compliant so they contain no harmful chemicals to children.

I was made a special tee for Viviana with my logo on it and it is beautiful. I was immediately impressed with the weight of the shirts. They aren’t thin and flimsy. This quality can stand up to several washes. The designs are of a high quality as well and don’t fade or fray in the wash. Continue reading

The Pasta Kidz: The Inventing Tubes Book Review

If you’re a regular reader to One Sage Mama then you know how much I love books. Viviana and I love to read together and we’re always on the hunt for new favorites. That’s why I was so pleased to get a chance at reading the first book in a new children’s series called The Pasta Kidz by Bryony Supper. The Pasta Kidz are a funny and sometimes silly group of kids that aim to teach children about friendship. I received a copy of The Inventing Tubes to share this review with you.

About the pasta kidz

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5 Tips on Apologizing to Your Kids and 5 Reasons It’s Important

Why saying sorry to your kids is very important

You will agree with me that parental apology is very rare in a family. For example, how many times have you let down your children by not saying sorry this year alone? Most parents find it hard to say the two simple words, “I’m sorry” because they don’t realise the importance of apologising to their children.

Some parents don’t even believe that they need to apologise to their children. This is because it is not part of our culture as adults to apologise to our children even if it is obvious we are at fault. However, if you are looking to cement the relationship between you and your children, then you need to start admitting your wrongs to your children. As parents, we should always strive to feel free with our children when apologizing to them the same way we are always free when conversing with our kids about various issues that affect their lives.
Here are the benefits of apologising to your kids:

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Homemade Catnip Mouse Toys for National Hairball Awareness Day – #FridayFrivolity

The last Friday in April is Hairball Awareness Day. Here at Friday Frivolity we are spreading awareness for this unconventional holiday (and celebrating cats, of course). Let’s get into the basics of hairball awareness and later I’ll share a DIY catnip toy project to give your kitty a treat.

Thank you Starlight Baby, the makers of this awesome shirt!


Hairball awareness

Hairballs are a fact of life if you are a cat owner. Cats spend hours a day grooming themselves so hairballs are bound to happen. Their rough tongues can force hair to be swallowed. Much of it gets passed through the digestive tract but some of it stays in the stomach and collects. Mixed with digestive fluids it turns into a log shape and eventually gets pushed up onto your probably expensive rug or bedding set because that’s always how it seems to go. Continue reading

Jorie and the Magic Stones Review and Giveaway

Fantasy is one of my favorite genre of novels. Ever since I was a little girl I enjoyed the far away places, out of the ordinary creatures and epic plots. It stimulates your imagination and takes you to a places you would’ve never previously imagined. I was so pleased for the opportunity to read Jorie and the Magic Stones by A. H. Richardson. The first in its trilogy, Jorie and the Magic Stones will take your child on a wonderful ride. I received the book in exchange for an honest review.


About jorie and the magic stones

Marjorie, who goes by Jorie, is a nine year old orphan who moves into a grand estate with her strict maiden aunt. After finding a mysterious, old book about dragons under the bed she begins to explore the messages in the pages. This takes her on an adventure to discover that in her aunt’s backyard there is more than meets the eye. The Tarn on her aunt’s property leads her and her neighbor Rufus to the land of Cabrynthius. There she meets a dragon who sends her on a quest to find the magical stones of Maalog. Continue reading

Rock Their World with the Rockabye Rocker Giveaway

Every Little would LOVE their very own Rockabye.com Rocker!

The beautifully crafted rockers from Rockabye offer the absolute fun of a traditional rocker but with the added bonus of some modern additions! With dozens and dozens of different characters to choose from, there is a favorite magical ride for every kiddo!
Made right in the US, Rockabye.com is dedicated to safety and quality.
All of their rockers are made from the highest quality American hardwoods like maple or cherry. They use lead water based wood sealants to ensure that their products are lead free and there are no small pieces or parts (like buttons or other plastic accessories) attached to any of their rockers.
Rockabye Rocker
Little riders get to rock their world (safely) and let their imagination play! Take a peek at what Saving Common Cents thought about these rockers in the Rockabye.com review!
Do you have a baby or toddler who would LOVE a Rockabye Rocker too? Be sure to check out Rockabye.com to see all of the amazing designs available and pick your favorites!
Wouldn’t you love to surprise a little someone for their birthday or for the next holiday? P.S. These rockers make amazing baby shower gifts too!
Enter to win the rocker of your choice below! Good luck!

5 Quick Steps to Keeping Your Baby’s Teeth Healthy

Now that your baby is ready to eat Cheerios and other solid foods, it’s time to start keeping those precious pearly whites healthy. Healthy teeth are essential to ensure your little one’s overall health. Moreover, strong and healthy teeth will help her in chewing food and in forming words and sounds while speaking. It also affects how her jaw grows.

Brushing your baby’s teeth twice or thrice a day as soon as you notice a tooth coming out is one thing. But to make sure your baby get the best care for her teeth, it takes more than just cleaning them.

Here are 5 tips to keeping baby teeth healthy:

1. Feed your baby with foods rich in vitamins and minerals.

Make sure your little one gets an adequate intake of fluoride, calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin C to help your baby get the right building blocks for teeth construction and achieve healthy gums.

Cheese is a good choice of food to serve up as it has high calcium content and encourages production of saliva. You may find it messy but more drooling is actually better for the baby as saliva helps wash cavity-causing acids and sugars away from the mouth. Having said that, it goes without saying that as much as possible, completely avoid sugar or keep sweets to a minimum level. Continue reading