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As mamas we all need to pamper ourselves once in awhile. For many of us that includes spa days but those can be costly so I wanted to find a better way to enjoy some luxuriousness at a more affordable price. I was given an opportunity to sample Limelight skin care products in exchange for my honest review.

About Limelight


Limelight by Alcone is a 63 year old company based out of New York City. Until now the products were only available to professionals and used from the big screen to the small and everywhere in between. Magazines such as Vogue and Cosmopolitan have featured the line and celebrity makeup artists like Makeup by Mario who does Kim Kardashian’s makeup and Lottie have both used the line. Limelight wanted to reward their makeup artists for referrals and give them a way to earn what they deserve instead of referring their customers who love the products elsewhere. Now everyone has access to the affordable and eco friendly Limelight by Alcone.


My Experience

The first product I tried was the Dream Clean face wash. It’s for normal/oily skin and says it’s made with aloe and soapberry. The smell is incredible. As soon as you open it it hits you in the best way. The wash isn’t liquidy and it lathers super thick so I could see someone only needing a drop to get the job done. All the products are certified organic and have no synthetic fragrances or colors so it’s definitely gentle on the skin.


Next up I tried the Massive of Zen. It’s a face mask with cypress and lemon peel. The directions were simple enough, just massage into skin for 30 seconds and let sit for 10-15 minutes. I had never used a face mask before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. The smell, again, was magical. It was super earthy and fresh. The mask was thick and gentle. It didn’t irritate my skin at all. Washing it off took a few good rinses and my skin felt sufficiently moisturized.


The grand finale was the Skin Therapist, a pomegranate and oat moisturizer. This was a wonderful end to my pampering. The moisturizer was thick but didn’t feel heavy. The oat definitely came through. Once it dried, which only took a few seconds my skin felt smooth and soft. It didn’t feel like I had anything on.


Final Thoughts


Considering how super affordable this line is I would highly recommend it. There are basic options that allow you to create custom palette with foundation, two concealers, the bling lip lipstick and more. It gives you the option to choose the colors you want and costs about the same as two items will at Sephora. The skin care set will run you around 40 bucks but lasts six months to a year. It’s totally worth it when the products are such high quality, not to mention certified organic, vegan, paraben free and never tested on animals.


For more information check out Limelight by Alcone here.

Or have a look at their Instagram here.


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