Restore Your Gut Health to Restore Wellness

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Restore Supplement Review

About Restore

Restore is a line of soil-derived supplements made in the USA that aim to improve gut flora. Restore comes in liquid form and is full of essential trace amino acids and a proprietary lignite extract. Lignite is one of its main ingredients and comes from the decomposition of prehistoric matter making it very rich in carbon.

Biomic Sciences is the developer behind the line and they put Restore through extensive testing to ensure the quality and safety of their products. A gold standard test has shown that Restore is non-toxic to kidney cells even at high doses and clinical, as well as, laboratory research has shown Restore supports a healthy, functioning gut barrier. Lab and peer study reports have also shown Restore can protect your gut Lisbon against gluten and glyphosate (an active ingredient in commercial pesticides).

Gut Health

A majority of our immune system, 60%-70%, lives in the gut. Our gut lining keeps chemicals from entering our bloodstream that our immune system would have to handle.

In our modern diet we regularly introduce these kinds of chemicals into our system. Pesticides on our food, antibiotics in our meat and a host of other chemicals from processed foods can become issues that our immune system has to handle. With a healthy gut lining less of those chemicals will enter your immune system and trigger a response from your body (like inflammation).

Healthy gut bacteria keep our gut lining strong which makes it more effective at filtering out these chemicals.

In short, a healthy gut can mean a more healthful life.

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Restore Supplement Review

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My experience

I gave myself about a month to really try this product before sharing my thoughts with you.

As with any supplement I can only share my experience with it. I can’t guarantee that these products will work the same with you and always check with your doctor before starting new supplements, especially if your pregnant or nursing.

I was given a full size Restore, a smaller TSA approved Restore and the Restore Sinus Spray.

Restore Supplement Review

The six day supply of Restore that is TSA safe is a wonderful product for travellers. It’s common to have tummy disruptions on vacation so this is an airport safe way to keep your trip fun and comfortable.

The Restore Sinus Spray was really exciting for me to try. Around this time of year I have such dry passages from allergies and air conditioning. The Restore spray helped to keep my nasal passages moisturized and even cut down on my number of dry passage related nosebleeds I suffer from.

For some background, I have a wheat intolerance and a corn allergy. Although I no longer cut gluten completely from my diet I do try to stay away from wheat products as much as possible. For me it triggers bloating, migraines and general fatigue.

I had a very positive experience trying Restore. I took it as directed, 3 times a day almost every day since receiving it. There was an improvement with my energy levels and mental clarity. I noticed I felt more fatigued on days I forgot to take it. It’s only been a month but in general I notice I feel better using it.

I love that its a liquid. I am terrible at swallowing pills. This was incredibly easy to take everyday.

I was most pleasantly surprised by the taste. There hardly is one. Since Restore has trace minerals you do get some sense of that flavor-wise but it isn’t overpowering. It didn’t put me off to taking it at all.

Another plus is that the bottle doesn’t need to be refrigerated after opening. With liquid supplements that is sometimes a requirement and I don’t always have the fridge space to dedicate to a big supplement bottle. I also tend more to forget to take it if it’s in the fridge. With this I can leave it on my counter where I see it every time I go in my kitchen.

Overall if you have any kind of gut issues I think this is worth trying. There are multiple benefits this could potentially bring you.

Restore Supplement Review

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–Exclusive Offer–

My readers can now try Restore for 20% off everything using code B7X66JY. This code expires July 16, 2017 so don’t miss out!

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