Stay on Budget and Make Your Own Rustic Decorations

Decorating doesn’t have to break the bank. Sure, we would all love that 400-dollar piece of art from Pottery Barn, but realistically, many of us don’t have a huge budget for decorating our homes. There is, however, a way to save money and get the exact piece of décor that you want – by making it! Rustic design and touches are all the rage and decorating your home – and even your wedding -with these types of items is simple and inexpensive.

DIY Rustic Decor

Tools Tools Tools

A great way to save money on tools is to borrow or rent some. Spending a lot of cash on purchases of new tools isn’t feasible, but if you already have it or can borrow it, then great! For wood work décor items, you’ll need a hammer and nails, a power drill, a jeg kit, stain or paint of your choosing, and an extension cord.

These are just the basics, so if you’re planning on doing a lot of rustic décor items, you may want to look at a table saw electric sander and other items. It is best to lay everything out and organize it before you begin.

Safety Matters

Even if you have been creating your décor for years, there are still some safety concerns. Always unplug saws before handling the blades. Wear eye gear, so wood particles don’t get in your eyes, and if the dust from sanding or cutting bothers you, please wear a face mask. Try to use only one extension cord because they can get tangled and confusing. A well-lit area also helps especially if you’re cutting or hammering. Use caution while you’re creating beautiful décor!

Home and More

Creating rustic décor can be for more than just your home. Rustic weddings are especially popular and creating your own décor for your wedding is a huge cost-saver. Old pallets can be found almost anywhere, and they are usually cheap and sometimes free! It may take a bit of digging to find a company or person wanting to get rid of them, but once you do, take advantage. You can create your rustic wedding décor, home décor, or even make gifts for friends and family, which is another great Christmas money saver!

Frames, Signs, and Furniture Galore

Using pieces of wood, or pallet wood, you can create simple yet rustic anything. Frames are popular, and you can choose any stain you like. Pallet signs are also very popular, and in stores, they can be expensive. Simply combining several pieces of wood, sanding it down, and then painting on a quote, a greeting, or anything else you like, means that you can have the perfect piece of wall art.

If you want to get really creative you can find different stencils, like a Christmas tree for Christmas time, a heart for a wedding, etc. and paint it on your sign. You can also make rustic furniture from pallets. Try a table, sofa table, or chair to complete the ensemble in your home or on your wedding day.

Wood work can be fun and exciting. These items in retail stores can cost hundreds of dollars, but for much less, you can create exactly what you want and save money. Keep your eyes open for pallets, free wood, odds and ends pieces that people want to get rid, of, etc. Scoring free pallets or wood is an added bonus to your savings. Choosing the stain or color you want to paint is also your preference. Many prefer the “barn-style” that has an older look to it. Signs and other decorative items can be created for a wedding day and can be made as gifts too.

Sarah at The DIY Hammer

Sarah writes for The DIY Hammer because she wants to share the joy of doing your own wood working projects at home. On her blog, you will find safety tips, decor solutions, and fun facts about DIY home improvement.

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  1. Lindsay says:

    This past year I have just started playing around with upcycling wood. We have stacks upon stacks of pallets. I just started using them to make furniture 🙂

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