Succulent Party Favors: Bringing Life to Your Party

Succulent Party Favors

Moo’s first birthday party is fast approaching and I’ve been driving myself crazy sorting out the details. After weeks of scouring Etsy I finally settled on a boho/tribal chic theme with lots of gold, mint (isn’t this color everywhere this year?) and light pink.

Once the theme and decorations were picked out my mind wandered to party favors. I really wanted to do something different. Dreamcatchers became an option but they are so expensive to buy and super time consuming to make when you need 30+ so that idea was out.

Then while browsing on Pintrest I came across succulents. These super low maintenance plants are beautiful and hard to kill. This became it! There aren’t many resources on succulent party favors for some reason, which is a shock because they make a great gift. Succulents require minimal watering and they eventually grow into lovely flowers. 

Here’s how I set up Moo’s succulent party favors.

Flower Pot and Invite



Mini flower pots

Acrylic paint

Moisture control soil

Succulent plant

Rooting Powder


First, I picked up mini flower pots at Hobby Lobby. A set of 6 was 3 bucks. They were a substantial enough a size the plant could grow but still small enough to fit on your desk at work.

Also at Hobby Lobby I picked up a small bottle of acrylic paint in a minty green  color to go with the theme. I didn’t realize before this how cheap acrylic paint is. I only paid a dollar or two for the paint and there was tons left over for other projects. I painted the bottom halves of the pots with this color because I liked the contrast of the clay color and it fit the look. If you want a perfectly straight edge across then use  some painter’s tape to section off the area you’d like. I enjoy the homemade look and how each one is different.


Moisture control soil is optional. Plain soil will be just fine. I like the idea of the moisture control because my goal was to make this as easy as possible for the guests taking these home. If they forget to water their plant for a week and a half it’s no biggie. It was also the same price as the regular soil, so why not?

Succulents! The star of the show. I have zero background in anything gardening related. When I first started looking around I saw that you can buy individual little succulent plants. Etsy had listings for 30 plants at around $50. I found a local nursery and the woman gave me an even better idea than buying them individually. She suggested buying two of their bigger succulent plants and breaking them down myself into the smaller pots. You cut stems off and dip the ends in rooting powder it promotes the plant  to root and ta-da! You have as  many succulent party favors as you need. I got two plants at 6.99 each and had enough to make 36 favors and 2 extras for me.

This is a great resource about succulents that I found helpful. I’d like to note as well that rooting powder is optional. I found several bloggers who got their succulents to root without it but it does help to expedite the process.

We’re finishing them off with little, “Happy First Birthday” tags. You’ll get to see the full setup at the party when it all comes together.

There’s so much more you can do with  these. You can plant them in little glass jars, or teacups. You could add ribbons or embellishments. It’s  really all up to you.

Consider succulent party favors for your next get together. They are incredibly easy to assemble and what better way to celebrate life but with life?




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8 thoughts on “Succulent Party Favors: Bringing Life to Your Party

  1. Catie says:

    Great idea. Love the colour of the pots. I wanted to see the finished product, oh well, I’ll just have to pop back. Thank you for linking up to #EatSleepBlogRT

  2. Jen says:

    What an adorable idea! I love succulents. They are hardy enough to handle the weather where I live and my crew of crazies. I think this would be perfect for a party gift for any occasion:)

  3. Angela Watling says:

    What a wonderful idea! I adore succulents and have about 40 different types in my house. As you say, most are very easy to maintain. (I have struggled with a few pickier varieties over the years with mixed success!) I never use rooting powder when I take cuttings but mainly because I’ve never bought some. I might have to get some when I’m next at the Garden Centre because on a few occasions they don’t take.

    Hope they were well received!

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