The Pasta Kidz: The Inventing Tubes Book Review

If you’re a regular reader to One Sage Mama then you know how much I love books. Viviana and I love to read together and we’re always on the hunt for new favorites. That’s why I was so pleased to get a chance at reading the first book in a new children’s series called The Pasta Kidz by Bryony Supper. The Pasta Kidz are a funny and sometimes silly group of kids that aim to teach children about friendship. I received a copy of The Inventing Tubes to share this review with you.

About the pasta kidz

The Inventing Tubes is the first book in The Pasta Kidz series. There are currently 11 more books in the works. In this first book we meet Sarah Spaghetti and Marc Macaroni. They speak in a unique language and have Pasta Petz that join in on their adventures. In The Inventing Tubes, Sarah and Marc try inventing fun new toys. Marc takes his time crafting his Pastaball and ends up with great results. Sarah rushes through her inventing and her Pastaball ends up not-so-nice. The kids and their Pasta Petz work together to fix the mean Pastaball and end up having tons of fun playing together.

Spaga spay is how Sarah Spaghetti says hooray! Spaga spay for the Pasta Kidz! @thepastakidz #kidlit Click To Tweet


My thoughts

The language in the book is very fun. The Pasta Kidz have their own way to saying, “hello” and “hooray.” It makes it a fun read to have so many silly sounds. Although the book is geared for children above 4, I think the funny words make it a great option for younger children. They’ll have a blast trying to imitate you when you exclaim, “Spaga spoodle spo!”

The illustrations are creative. All the characters have pasta hair which is such a nice detail. The Pasta Petz are adorable. I love the illustration for Lopscotch the Lasagne Rabbit with its lasagna ears. Rubio the Ravioli Mouse has adorable ears too. Overall I think it’s a fabulous read. The Inventing Tubes is an exciting introduction into the world of the Pasta Kidz and I can’t wait to see what else they get up to.

Connect with the pasta Kidz

Find out more about the Pasta Kidz at their website. Follow Bryony on Twitter for updates on her new books. Connect with the Pasta Kidz on Facebook here. The second book in her series, The Sorry Sticks is available for purchase now as well. Find all the books on Amazon here.

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