The Ultimate List of Video Game Baby Names for Girls

Choosing a name for your bundle of joy can seem impossible but sometimes the perfect name can be right under your nose. Books and movies have often served as inspiration for parents and here you’ll find video game baby names for your little girl on the way. If you’re interested in checking out the boy list, you can find it here.

Video game baby names

1. Adria

Adria is a witch from the first game in the Diablo series who sells potions and staves. This name is Latin and means from the Adriatic sea region. 

2. Alessa

Alessa Gillespie was Dahlia’s daughter in the Silent Hill series who was born with innumerable superpowers. Alessa means “Defender of the People.” 

3. Alisa

Alisa Bosconovitch is a Timken character with detachable body parts, which is pretty badass, if you ask me. This Hebrew name means “great happiness.” 

4. Alita

Alita Tiala lives in the Ace Attorney universe and witnesses a murder there. The name Alita is very unique and doesn’t make the top 1000 list. In Spain it means “noble” and in France it means “winged.” 

5. Amberly

Madame Amberley is from the Crash Bandicoot series. She is the headmistress for the Academy of Evil. Amberly is an Arabic name that relates to amber. 

6. Auriel

Auriel is the Archangel of Hope in the Diablo series and the only one in the series who is female. This name is Latin for “gold.” 

7. Aveline

Aveline is an assassin from the Assassin’s Creed series who perseveres despite having a crummy start in life. Aveline is considered French for “hazelnut.” 

8. Carmelita

Inspector Carmelita Fox is a Sly Cooper character who works for Interpol and plays a love interest to the main character. This name’s Hebrew meaning is “garden.”

9. Catalina

Catalina is a supporting character from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas who lives in the countryside and briefly dates the main character, CJ. Catalina means” pure. “

10. Cecile

Cecile is an ornithologist from the Metal Gear Solid world. Cecile has Latin roots to the word “blind. “

11. Dahlia

Dahlia Gillespie is the leader of the Order of Silent Hill in the Silent Hill franchise. The dahlia is a flower that comes in a variety of colors. 

12. Daina

Daina is a character from Dead Space. This is an English baby name meaning “from Denmark.” 

13. Elisa (and Ursula) 

Here’s a two for one from Metal Gear Solid. Elisa and Ursula are split personalities from a girl who developed psychic abilities after surviving nuclear fallout. Elisa means “consecrated to God.” Ursula means “little bear” or “she-bear.” 

14. Evie

Evie Frye is an Assassin’s Creed Syndicate character who is a playable character along with her twin Jacob. This name is Hebrew for “life.”

15. Fiona

In the Borderlands series,  Fiona is a professional con artist who is wanted by the authorities. Fiona is considered to mean “white” or “fair.”

16. Juri

Juri is a Street Fighter character who utilities TaeKwondo as her fighting style. There are many different meanings people consider for this name. They range from “farmer” to “happiness.” 

17. Kasumi

Kasumi Todoh is an Art of Fighting character who learned Aikido, Jujitsu and Kendo from her father. She is fiercely loyal to her father’s memory and fights to honor his traditions. This name is Japanese for “mist.” 

18. Khalisah

If Game of Thrones inspired Khaleesi isn’t your thing, here’s a nice alternative. Khalisah is a news reporter in the Mass Effect franchise. Khalisha is Arabic for “pure.” 

19. Liara

Dr. Liara T’Soni comes from the Mass Effect franchise. She works as a computer scientist, xenoarchaeologist, and cryptanalyst. The name Liara is considered a derivative of Lara. 

20. Lulu

The Final Fantasy franchise gave us Lulu who is Yuna’s older sister. Lulu is the feminine form of Louis which is Latin for “famous warrior.” 

21. Mika

R Mika from the Street Fighter franchise is a wrestler who works to become “Star of the Ring.”  Mika is Native American for “intelligent raccoon.” 

22. Mileena

Mileena has been around since 1993 with Mortal Kombat. Mileena is a variation of Milena which means “favorite one.” 

23. Millia

This one is from the Guilty Gear series. Millia Rage is a former assassin who kicks butt with her shapeshifting hair. This name is a variation on the Teutonic Milia which means “hard working.” 

24. Naomi

Dr. Naomi Hunter is a geneticist from the Metal Gear Solid series who specializes in nanotechnology-based gene therapy. Basically she’s really flipping smart. Naomi is a Hebrew name meaning “pleasantness.” 

25. Nariko

Nariko is a fierce protector of her clan in the game Heavenly Sword. Nariko is Japanese for “gentle child.”

26. Natasha

Metal Gear Solid gave us Natasha Romanenko, a nuclear expert and agent of the United States Defense Intelligence. Natasha means “born at Christmas.” 

27. Nyreen

Nyreen is the highly skilled leader of a mercenary group in Mass Effect. Nyreen is a very rare name whose background is unknown. 

28. Nyssa

Nyssa is a character from the Batman: Arkham universe who rebels against her father to gain control of the League of Assassins. Nyssa has many meanings including “goal,” “friendly fairy” and “sign.”

29. Odessa

Odessa is one of the founders of the Liberation Army in Suikoden. Odessa comes from a word meaning “marine.”

30. Oriana

In Mass Effect Oriana is Miranda’s sister who was raised in a normal, happy household away from her unsavory father. Oriana is a Latin name that means “dawn.”

31. Pauline

Here’s a throwback to the wonderful days of Donkey Kong. Pauline was DK’s damsel in distress who always managed to get kidnapped by the Kong himself. Pauline means “little.” 

32. Rosalina

Straight from the Mario universe, Rosalina is a regular heroine. She helps Mario rescue Princess Peach, all while rocking star earrings and a tiara. The name means “rose.” 

33. Sabine

Sabine is a Star Wars Rebels character who was featured in the Disney Infinity series. This name means “woman of the Sabine people” and it’s French form is Sabina which is also beautiful. 

34. Samara

Mass Effect’s Samara has an unyielding dedication to justice. Samara is a Hebrew name meaning “protected by God.” 

35. Saya

Saya is a werefox from Namco x Capcom with nerves of steel, as she never seems to get upset by anything. Saya is a Japanese name that refers to a sheath for a sword. 

36. Serah

Serah is a character from the Final Fantasy franchise. She is mature beyond her years and is cares deeply for her family. Serah is a biblical name that means “lady of scent.” 

37. Shanoa

Shanoa is a glyph master and the heroine of Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia who fights to defeat the evil Dracula. This name is incredibly unique and has no known origin. 

38. Shiala

Shiala is a powerful Mass Effect character whose wisdom carried her through an attempt at Sovereign’s indoctrination. This name means “daughter of the hill.” 

39. Sinclair

Sinclair is an Art of Fighting mini-boss who fights with tons of swords. The name Sinclair means “bright and clear.” 

40. Sophitia

The Soul series which gave us the popular Soul Calibur and Soul Edge also gives us this gem of a name. Sophitia was a former baker turned Omega sword wielder. Sophitia is considered a variant of Sophia, Greek for “wisdom.” 

41. Sunny

Sunny Emmerich is a prodigy who earns multiple degrees and is a highly advanced computer programmer. This name means “bright with sunlight.” 

42. Tawna

Tawna played Crash Bandicoot’s girlfriend in the beginning of the series. Tawna means “tawny” referring to a light brown color. 

43. Terra

Nature lovers can rejoice in this name inspired by the Final Fantasy franchise. Terra Branford is a half human, half magical creature called “esper.” This name means “land” or “earth.” 

44. Tira

Tira is the loyal servant to Soul Edge and it’s wielder, Nightmare in the Soul Caliber games. Tira is a Hindi name that means “arrow.”

45. Trish

Trish Dailey is a character from InFamous who used to be a nurse before The Blast. Trish is a Latin name meaning “noble.” 

46. Vella

Vella’s real name is Velouria and she’s one of the main characters in Broken Age who fights a monster she was supposed to be sacrificed to. The name Vella means “beautiful.”

47. Viola

Viola is a kind, empathetic girl from The Witch’s House whose kindness eventually leads to her downfall. This English name means “violet.”

48. Yuna

Yuna is a Final Fantasy character who fights to defeat the evil, world threatening monster Sin. In Brazil this name means “dark river.” 

49. Yuri

Yuri is from the Art of Fighting game series. She is an upbeat character despite her somewhat tragic past and kicks ass in leggings and headband. This name means “lily.” 

50. Zora

Zora rules a floating fortress in League of Legaia. Zora is an Arabic name that means “dawn.” 


So there you go. The mega-list of unique video game baby names. Were there any you wish you found on the list? What’s your favorite? Drop me a comment below and if you’re playing #TeamGreen, check out the boy list here.

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