The World’s Best Twin Names: The Ones We Left Behind

Special thanks and welcome to Mrs. Mommy Mack for her guest post this week.

Before kids, I used to dream up baby names as a hobby. I kept a little notepad in my iPhone with names I adored and dreamed whimsically about my future rosy-cheeked cherubs. Not once did it cross my mind that maybe, just maybe, I would have to consider the other parent in name choosing.

Let’s just say by my third pregnancy, (which needed two names for my twins) we were burnt out. The minute the plus sign appeared on the pee stick, I badgered my husband to come up with names. He vetoed everything and came up with nothing. I never imagined suffocating him with a pillow more than when the topic of baby names came up. Then we found out we were pregnant with twins and it was an entirely new ball of wax.
We found out we were pregnant with twins at eight weeks, but didn’t find out the sexes until 22 weeks. That meant for 14 weeks I had to try to get him to agree to three different pairs of names. There was boy/boy, girl/girl and girl/boy that needed to be decided.
He wasn’t having it.
He forced me to wait until we found out there were two girls before even discussing. Then, it was Battle Royale on coming up with two we loved. Finally, we agreed on Lake and Willow. He picked Lake and wanted another naturey name. I loved Willow because we knew our Baby A was going to be small and the ’80s movie Willow is about a little man who did so much the world didn’t think he could.
We were set.
Now, what happens to all those names and sets I dreamed of? Well, I am giving them to you, my dear readers! You’ll see we have a western, old-fashioned, natureish vibe. Without further ado, here are the greatest twin names on the planet.

Girl/Girl Twin Names:

Lake and Posey
Scarlett and Violet
Beverly and Louise
Jemima and Josie
Luna and Nova
Pippa and Posey
Winnie and Willow
Paisely and Poppy
Minnow and Willow

Boy/Boy Twin Names:

Walker and Wyatt
Booker and Berk
Frank and Earl
Trace and Tyson
Butch and Burke

Boy/Girl Twin Names:

Beverly and Butch
Frank and Fiona
Regina and Ryker
Trace and Trixie
Willow and Wyatt
Winnie and Wyatt

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