VTech Light-Up Baby Touch Tablet Toy Review

Tablets are huge for kids. It seems like since Sunshine was born she’s been interested in every screen she can find and it didn’t take long for her to notice my personal tablet. I spent a ton of time researching various baby tablets and came up so empty. There are many for toddlers and bigger kids but few for babies under 2 years. I had almost given up my search for the perfect baby tablet when walking through a department store I saw an adorable little girl, maybe a year old, with a little pink tablet. She dropped it on the floor with a slam and nothing bad happened. Her mom picked it up and gave it back to her as it sang as if it hadn’t been dropped at all. I asked her mother what it was and she said the VTech Baby Tablet. We got it immediately.


There are so many lights! Virtually everything about the VTech Light-Up Baby Touch Tablet lights up. The touch screen is super sensitive so any little touch with the tiniest fingers sets it off, which is great because so many tablets for kids have buttons you have to physically push down. I most enjoy that the lights are red. I found a few baby laptops that aren’t backlit. What’s the point in that, toy developers? The red makes all the shapes and letters catch your eye. This was a huge deciding feature for us.



There are a million songs! This tablet for babies has so many musical options. It features 10 apps and each one has a huge variety of songs. The ABCs are a huge favorite of mine, along with the shapes. The best part is that the songs correspond with the images on the screen so while it sings about triangles and hearts, you can watch them appear. The songs are super catchy too.



With 10+ apps there are so many learning opportunities for babies with this toy. Baby can check email messages, check the weather and learn to count. There is a clock app intended to introduce your child to time concepts. ABC, shapes and numbers also have their own apps.



This toy can take a beating. Not unlike the little girl who first introduced me to this tablet, my daughter frequently drops her toys. She also frequently throws her toys so I didn’t want to spend on anything that wasn’t durable. As lightweight as this toy is it can be dropped often with no interference to its abilities. It being lightweight is also a huge perk. She can lift the entire thing by herself and toss it around.




Do I recommend this product?


For the price (only 16.99), I’m amazed with how much you can get out of this toy. There’s over 160 sounds! That’s practically unheard of for baby toys and Vtech especially can sometimes get monotonous with the melodies they choose. The VTech Light-Up Baby Touch Tablet is our favorite toy ever and since it’s aged for babies 9 months to 3 years, you can get use from it for a long time.


What’s your favorite baby tablet on the market?



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